Saturday 16 September 2023

Nipah Virus: Sign,symptoms & Treatment

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Today we Are Going to tell you What Is Nipah Virus, there symptoms and there Treatment.So Lets go To Talk About Nipah Virus.

What is Nipah virus?

The Nipah virus can cause symptoms ranging from mild respiratory issues to fatal encephalitis, the World Health Organisation (WHO) states. Transmitted from animals like bats or pigs and even from human to human, the virus leaves no room for complacency. Worryingly, no vaccines or specific treatments are available; the primary recourse is supportive care.

Educational facilities in Kerala’s Kozhikode district will be closed until September 24 due to the outbreak of the Nipah virus, according to the district administration. This includes a range of educational institutions, from schools to professional colleges and tuition centres. To keep the learning process undisturbed, online classes will continue throughout this period.

According to the state Health Minister Veena George, the list of individuals who have been in contact with infected persons is swelling. A recent update, as per ANI, has revealed that the list now comprises over a thousand names. More worrying, perhaps, is that of this extensive list, 327 are healthcare workers.

Nipah virus symptoms

For those infected, initial symptoms include fever, headaches, muscle pain, vomiting and sore throat. Advanced stages can manifest as severe respiratory problems, encephalitis, seizures and even coma within 24 to 48 hours, as per WHO.

The time between infection and symptom onset varies from four to 14 days but can extend up to 45 days. While most survivors recover fully from acute encephalitis, around 20% face lingering neurological issues such as seizures and personality changes, according to WHO.

Nipah virus treatment

At present, no specific medications or vaccines exist to treat Nipah virus infection. Despite this, the WHO has flagged Nipah as a disease of priority in their Research and Development Blueprint. For severe respiratory and neurological issues caused by the virus, intensive supportive care is the advised course of treatment.


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