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Jio 5G Welcome offer : How to Get Invite | Get Unlimited 1 Gbps 5G Data FREE

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Jio 5G Welcome offer, Jio 5G Welcome offer Invite , Invite for Jio 5G Welcome offer , How to get Invite for Jio 5G Welcome offer – Hi Guys, On October 2nd 5G services has been officially unveiled by Indian prime minister Sri Narendra Modi in India mobile Congress. Airtel and Jio have already made public announcements about their nationwide rollout strategies for 5G. Jio said at the 45th AGM that starting around Diwali, a few cities will have access to its 5G services. Jio has now unveiled its Jio True 5G Welcome Offer, which will include beta trial services for Jio customers in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi beginning on Dussera, or October 5.

Jio has provided free unlimited 4G data in their initial phase just after launch. Now Jio 5G officially launched , Jio has welcome offer this time too with 5G.

Users with invite in this 4 cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi) will get unlimited 5G data internet with speed upto 1 Gbps+. Jio users will need to have proper invite & 5G smartphone to enrol into Jio 5G Welcome offer.

What is Jio 5G Welcome Offer?

The beta testing of Jio’s Jio True 5G services has been announced. Jio customers In Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi will be able to use it. Jio users will be able to access the 5G network services in beta as a result, and they will have limitless access to 5G data at speeds of up to 1 Gbps. This complimentary offer, however, is only valid in the aforementioned cities and is only accessible via invitation.

Jio stated that as cities continue to prepare, the beta testing service for new cities will be released gradually. In order to give the finest coverage and user experience, users will be able to take advantage of this beta trial until the network coverage of a city is essentially complete.

So here are the points to remember about Jio 5G Welcome offer :

  1. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Varanasi users will be the 1st to get the Jio True 5G Welcome Offer
  2. This complimentary 5G offer is valid for invitation only
  3. Jio Users with 5G welcome offer will get Unlimited 5G data with over 1 Gbps speeds.
  4. After Trial run in this 4 cities , Jio 5G’s Beta trial service will be expanded to other cities once their infrastructure gets ready
  5. This beta trial offer will continue for welcome user offer until network gets tested properly.
  6. Jio 4G users won’t need to upgrade the 4G SIM card to 5G SIM or change to a special 5G SIM card; the 4G SIM will continue to stream 5G speeds.
  7. Jio users with Jio 5G Welcome offer invitation will be automatically upgraded to the Jio True 5G service from the 4G service.
  8. According to Reliance Jio , Jio is working with all smartphone manufacturers to enable the 5G handsets to work with Jio True 5G services.

Airtel has already announced the 5G rollout to as many as 8 cities during Diwali 2022.

How to Get the Jio 5G Welcome offer Invite?

Jio 5G Welcome offer invite will be rollout on Dussera which is on 5th October. Now, there is a chance that you may be able to take advantage of the Jio 5G Welcome Offer if you reside in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi and own a 5G smartphone.

Who Will get Jio Welcome Offer Invite?

You will get Jio 5G welcome offer invite , if you have follow all this requirements :-

  1. Your SIM Card must be purchased from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi
  2. You must have Jio plan of more then ₹239
  3. You must have 5G smartphone
  4. Your 5G Smartphone must support Jio 5G bands
  5. You must have account in MyJio App

If you are following all above 5 requirements , then you will get Jio 5G Welcome offer invite in Your MyJio AppLogin into it & check if you have received the invite or not. It should come in the top carousel, which you can slide in MyJio app.

Since the Jio hasn’t yet disclosed any 5G plans, it’s possible that Jio customers who have 5G phones would be able to take advantage of the Welcome Offer’s free 5G service. Recall that the business announced the Welcome Offer when it first started offering 4G services in 2017, allowing users to utilise the service for free until the formal plans were revealed. Jio is probably going to use the same approach this time as well.

During the Jio 4G Welcome offer, we had to generate the QR code & visit Jio official stores to get the Jio 4G SIM card with Unlimited 4G data & other welcome offer benefits. Similar to that , Jio can announce the Barcode code based Invitation system & we may need to visit the Jio store with our 5G smartphones to get the Invitation for Jio 5G Welcome offer.

Who is eligible for Jio 5G Welcome offer?

If you are living in any of this 4 cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi) & You have proper 5G smartphone than you are eligible for this 5G Welcome offer of Jio. Reliance Jio is currently working with smartphone manufactures to enable their headsets with True 5G services.

Is Jio 5G Welcome offer is free?

Yes, If you have invite & 5G smartphone then you are eligible for 5G Welcome offer from Jio. make sure this offer won’t work without invitation. User with Jio 5G Welcome offer will get unlimited 5G data with 1 Gbps speed during the trial period.

Benefits of Jio 5G Services :

1. Stand-alone 5G architecture:

  • Advanced 5G network with Zero dependency on 4G network.
  • Powerful functionalities like low latency, massive machine-to-machine communication, 5G voice, Edge computing, and network slicing.
  • Far superior to 4G-based Non-Standalone networks being launched by other
  • operators.

2. The largest and Best mix of spectrum

  • Largest and the most appropriate mix of wireless spectrum for 5G across 700 MHz, 3500 MHz, and 26 GHz bands, giving Jio True 5G a distinct competitive advantage over other operators.
  • Jio is the only operator with the 700 MHz low-band spectrum to ensure deep indoor coverage.

3. Carrier Aggregation

  • Seamlessly combines these 5G frequencies into a single robust “data highway” using an advanced technology called Carrier Aggregation.
  • It will offer an unparalleled combination of coverage, capacity, quality, and affordability.


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