Monday 31 December 2018

Vova App Loot: Get Earphone, Headphone, Watches, T-Shirts, Keyboard & More at just Rs 2 Only

Hello Friends.
Vova App Loot Offer Get Earphone, Headphone, Watches, T-Shirts,  Keyboard, USB Cables, Bluetooth headset & more at just Rs 2 Only. Get great deals, discounts and free shipping on millions of high-quality products. So guys grab this offer before offer end.

How to Get All Products at just Rs 2 Only:-

1. First of all, Visit Page Here.

2. After that Register with Email id and Download the App. (If Register option is not there, You can Download the App and then Register).

3. After Download the App Login with Same Email id.

4. Now click on 0£ (freebies) banner and You will see 20 Diamond in your account.

5. Now on Freebies Page, Scroll Down and You will See many Products at 1 Diamond (Like Earphone, watches, USB Cables, Bluetooth headset, Mouse et and More, Add any Product of your Choice.
Note:- Please do not back from Payment page, else your Diamonds might get Expired !! Also Diamond Validity is just 24 hours, So order as soon as Possible.

6  Now Add Your Address and you have to Pay just $0.02 = 1.5 INR via UPI/Netbanking/PayPal ( Kotak 811, DBS card card will work) or use your Physical debit/credit, Make sure your card is enabled for International transaction). Virtual card will NOT work.

Note:- You have to Put Aadhaar Card number & Pan Card number if you are going to Pay from UPI/Netbanking, No need in case of Paypal. Please select your location as India/INR Currency/India Shipping address, if you are not able to see UPI/Netbanking.

7  Your Product will delivered successfully within 10-15 days.



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