Monday 31 December 2018

Tricks to get PUBG royal pass for 40Rs

Hello Dosto,
  Here se i am posting new Trick for pubg Lovers. From This Trick you Will Get 600 UC Coins At Rs lets Follow The Step By Step To get Royal Pass For 40Rs.

Note - net banking needed 


step 1: click on 60 UC for ₹79 in Pubg

then it will ask you to login to Gmail, Login into your Gmail account then.

step 2: select payment method  as Net Banking, then Select bank.

then it will ask you to type your password of your gmail account to make the payment.

step 3: Very Importanent

type password then erase password (don't login)

then click on back button in your phone.

then a message of forgot password will come,

there click on NO THANKS,

then again click on back button in your phone,
then it will show you'll get rs. 75 off, if you make payment within 24 hours.

then make the payment of Rs. 4...!!

You got 60 UC.

to do it again, clear your Google Play store data and cache. Nd login with a fresh Gmail account, and repeat the steps. 

You need 10 Gmail Accounts to add 600 UC (10 times, the same process)

Also working 2 or 3 times with single gmail acct. for some people
Not working even once for some , as well, try your luck


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