Saturday 13 January 2018

How to know who removed your WhatsApp Number?

Hello Friends,
Everyone mobile has installed the WhatsApp with many contacts, typically WhatsApp automatically synchronizes the phone contact. Sometimes people removed the photo contacts with or without knowledge, in this case, WhatsApp contact also will be removed. So how do you know who removed your WhatsApp number?
Know about WhatsApp removed status
  • If your friends removed your WhatsApp number, his profile picture will not have displayed in your WhatsApp. Also, if you send the message it will be delivered to your friends but read status will be notified it means it will not change to the blue color double tick mark.
  • If they blocked your contact then your message will not deliver and you will be seen the only single green color tick mark.
  • Check your friends last seen the status, this will be displayed under their name. If they blocked it will not display.
Above points helps to know about your WhatsApp number removed from someone mobile. If they are your friends then you have to just ask to add your number, because maybe the removed your number without their knowledge.

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