Friday 29 December 2017

Facebook Clarify about Aadhaar Card Requirement for Account Creation

Hello Dosto,
Among the conflicting statements, Facebook has not been linking the users' accounts with Aadhaar numbers in India, clarifying that through a post on the blog. Now after the statement that Facebook will link the account with Aadhaar, the company clarified today that we not collect Aadhaar data And do not need to enter a Aadhaar number when signing up on Facebook.
The company has said that, on social media platforms, people no longer have to give a Aadhaar number to sign on to Facebook Account. However, it is also clarified that you have to use the name on the Aadhaar card only. The company says in its own explanation that new users have to tell their true name so that friends and family find them on Facebook easily.

The purpose of this test is that new users understand how to get a Facebook sign up with the correct name and how to join friends and family. When the account sign up, the user will have to show his language as part of the test. It has been said that your friends and family can easily identify you with the use of the name on the Aadhaar card. The company said on the blog post that this would be an alternative to this test. People do not need to enter the name of their Aafhaar Card, nor do they need to authenticate or link with the Aadhaar.


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