Sunday 1 October 2017

How to find the location of our android phone(Lost Mobile)

we are back with an other helpful tip to our readers We all know very well that Losing your smartphone is one of life’s enduring struggles but Don’t worry now . Here I am providing you free cell phone tracker Trick . By this trick user can easily find android phone .

Now a day’s everyone have best Smartphones, and if you know these Tips and Tricks for Android you are utilizing your smartphone at it best. Now I want to provide a best Solution for this . Guys just follow my steps and left your Tension and Be Tension free . Because tension is very bad For your health. So guys let’s start to secure your Android Mobile . 

How to find the location of our android phone

1. Firstly open Google Chrome app From Your Device.

2. Now open from chrome Browser.

3. Now Click on Sign In which is Available in Top right side

4. Now Go to Here

5. Register your device

6. That’s it ! Process Done

How to find lost android phone 

1) Just Go to Google

2) Search ” Where is my phone “

3) If You Want to Find By Any Android phone just Click on 2nd Search Result and If you are using Pc /laptop then a map will be Shown you.

For Mobile Phone

4) Click On Sign in and Sign in there Your Phone register email

5) Shortly After this it will show you your Phone Location

6) There you will see one more option ” Ring ” When you reach Exactly on your Phone Location just Click on Ring . Now Your Phone Ringing up.

For more information download where is my droid app from google play will help you for finding your phone


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