Sunday 30 July 2017

This company can launch 5G service soon, take a look

There was a time when 128 Kbps internet speed was more than enough for mobile networking and today is the time where more than 10 Mbps internet speed is not enough for some crazy wireless internet users, it's just because of the day by day improvements and upgrades in Mobile and Network technology, Mobile network technology is moving at a relentless pace.

We recently had introduced to 4g and 4g LTE (Long Term Evolution), it is still challenging to get a true 4g connection, which promises upwards of a 1Gbps transfer rate, if you are standing still and in the perfect spot, 4g LTE comes very close to closing this gap. True 4g on a wide spread basis may not be available until the next generation arrives which is 5g, So in order to make everything settled Big smartphone manufacturer Apple is going to start testing 5G Technology in their Smartphones. US Federal Communication has approved the permission of Apple for 5g testing, According to reports, Apple is targeting millimeter wave broadband to the higher frequency and smaller wavelength Bands.

More Companies Working on 5G

Not only Apple much more reputed companies are also working on 5g Technology like Samsung, Google, and Facebook. According to reports Sprint Corporation, a Telecommunication Company is working on 5g from a long time and it may launch 5g in 2019 where as T-Mobile company will also launch 5g network in 2020.


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