Thursday 13 July 2017

How to Increase Audio Quality on Any Android Device

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Learn how to Increase Audio Quality on Any Android Device using the rooted android and then using the cool module that will let you enhance the quality of your android phone, So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

The users of Android those who lack the quality audio flow from the speakers or earphones would be always looking some way or to tweak it up. This is something which is indeed greatly required for grasping the realistic tones. Fortunately, the Android users have the capability by which they could tweak or increase the audio quality of their device easily. All this is possible due to the full control over hardware provided by the Android OS. Now talking about this article we have actually written about the best and the easiest way to increase the audio quality of any Android device. Just surf through this article of you wish to know about that way or the method and hence want to improve the sound output from your device!

NOTE:-Please note that the method such we are going to describe in this article needs the Root access for the Android device unless it won’t work at all. If the device is already rooted then make sure that TWRP recovery tool is installed on it because it will also be required during the procedure.


1. rooted Android device

2. TWRP custom recovery installed

How to Increase Audio Quality on Any Android Device

1. The method which would help to increase the audio quality on the Android device is carried out through utilizing the Ainur NERO mod. This is the advanced audio enhancement mid made by the UltraM8s developers. This mood is really special because it works totally different to many other popular audio tweaking apps or mods. Unlike other mods or apps, it just completely removed the audio API from the Android system, that is the audio processing software unit. Them after removing the API it replaces it with its custom API which could be fully customized and processed to grasp the highest quality sound output.
Just Download ainur NERO Mode In ZIP From here

2. Place the above downloaded mod in some specific folder inside your storage. This would be helpful for you to locate the file afterward.

3. In this step we are to the user the TWRP custom Recovery tool and were hope that you have pre-installed it as per the requirements. If you haven’t yet installed this tool then please go and download it from the Google Play Store. There are two versions of this app available there, one is free but with limited features and the other one is paid with all functionality. You could prefer to go for any of these but the free version will be all good for this method.

Open the TWRP tool and then using it flash that downloaded mod file. Just locate the location of that mod file and flash it up.
4 The Flash process is all simple, you have to log into the TWRP tool and click on the install button. It would then ask you for the file location so just show it up. Then Confirm the installation after the selection of the file. The Audio quality of your device will hurray boost up and increase immediately after that. As the mod will remove the API of your device and the whole audio signals would be redirected to the dynamic sound production software unit. This amplifies and tweaks the audio production.

So this was the methods through which any of the Android device users could amazingly increase the audio quality of their device.


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