Saturday 22 July 2017

FM WHATSAPP-Third Best Whatsapp After GB Whatsapp Must Download It and see Features

Hello Friends,
I am back again with modded version of whatsapp. Its called FM WHATSAPP.Best thing is it is third whatsapp with most best Features


  1. [Base] 2.17.24 Play store
  2. [Added] New Arabic Fonts Total (51)
  3. [Added] New Bubbles Total (50)
  4. [Fixed] The BIG Emojis in Some Entry Style
  5. [New] Privacy-Only Mode (see YoMods Top-right)
  6. [New] Android Nougat 7.1 Shortcuts
  7. [Added] Change Hyperlinks color (Option 3.1.17)
  8. [Added] Lock access to YoWA from Widget, when it s locked 
  9. [Fixed] Actionbar color (Option 3.1.0)
  10. [Fixed] Themes Wallpaper not applying
  11. [Fixed] Elapsed time for Arabic users
  12. [Fixed] Bugs Fixed, no more FCs
  13. [Improved] No need to restart YoWA to apply changes :)
  14. [Improved] Faster Contact Online Toast
  15. [Improved] Restore theme automatically restarts
  16. [Improved] In-conversation Translating
  17. [Improved] HTTPs encryption with YoWA Servers
  18. [Finally-Fixed] Invite button in contacts
  19. [Misc] Enough talking...


Download FM Whatsapp latest 6.67 Version on below link


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