Monday 8 May 2017

How to See Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile?(English trick)

I am back again with new intresting trick before i posted same trick but not whatsapp. I posted HOW TO SEE WHO VIEW YOUR FB PROFILE But now i am posting How to See who view your whatsapp Profile?

If you’re eager to find out who checked your WhatsApp profile, who secretly sees your profile photo or your WhatsApp status, who’s opening your WhatsApp profile often, this short guide is for you.

Remember, this isn’t an official feature. The original WhatsApp application doesn’t support it, and as far as I can get from WhatsApp forums and support, the team is in no mood to add this feature anytime soon since it violates the privacy of the users. But that shouldn’t upset you because some developers still think it’s a characteristic much needed by WhatsApp

How to See Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile?

1. First of all download Whats Tracker App From


2. After downloading open it

3. Now accept terms of conditions of whats tracker app.

4. On next screen you have to put your name and mobile number.

5. After puting your mobile number scanning process will start , it will list the names of people who visited your WhatsApp profile on tapping to visitors option

6. You can close the app and scan again to get a refreshed list of the people who checked your WhatsApp profile.


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