Saturday 1 April 2017

How to delete the junk photos in your Whatsapp folder(English Trick)

Hello Friends?,
If you wish to remove it all at once, then you can download few freely available apps in Google Store. Let me explain you how to make use of one such app which removes all such junk automatically and saves your time.

How to delete the junk photos in your Whatsapp folder

1. Head to Google Play Store and download a free app by name ‘Siftr Magic Cleaner'. Once done with the installation, open the app from your device and allow it to access your photos. The best part of this app is, one can also remove junk pictures in other folders as well.Download App from Below Link.

Click here

2. After allowing it to use your phone's gallery, it opens a new window which displays the information regarding the total number of photos present in Whatsapp folder. A single tap on the button present on this page will do all the required magic. Confused where the button is? Just below those photo information, you can find an image of a person having magnifier in his pocket. Tap on that image. It takes you to the next step.

3. Now it begins with analyzing the photos. All the similar looking images and junk ones will be spotted and shown below. The time required to complete this process completely depends on your folder size. If it takes more time than required, you don't have to worry. It displays the progress of analysis in the notification bar of your phone. So you can close the app and use your phone for some other work.

4. Once done with analysis, it lists all the junk images found and prompts you to delete it. One can either delete everything selected by this app or can also deselect few if they don't want that to be removed.
That's it! A huge task got completed so quickly leaving so many extra spaces behind. From now, you don't have to worry about receiving so many 'Good morning' and 'Good night' images on your phone.


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